Saturday, November 04, 2006


hmmm even the word has the same effect as watching someone do it.

Well its come to that time of year again, Christmas build up, almost the whole time we have been living together, wow it's 5 years already, The Boy has worked in warehouses/Distribution centers this is the time of year it starts to get busy just before whichever company it is puts extra staff on for the holiday season, yesterday he didn't get home until well after 230am and didn't get to bed until at least 4.

I don't sleep very well when I am waiting for him, I can't wait until he gets his licence back then, I can be pretty sure nothing has happened to stop him getting home from work, believe it or not some people just shouldn't ride push bikes regularly, he still has bits of glass in his hand from the first accident which saw him covered in blood and crying (yep there was definite sobbing and tears) over the phone about how badly injured he was, that's what happens when you ride your pushbike with a glass bottle in your hand at night.

anyway tonight I gave him a lift and told him I will pick him up at whatever time he finishes, it could be a long night, thankfully the headache which hit me at around 2 this afternoon has gone, I'm still guessing lack of sleep is the culprit since a 2ltr bottle of water didn't do any thing, unless it was the cup of coffee I had before leaving work kicking in, I did have a 10 Mug a day habit which seems to have waned a little especially with the hotter weather. Oh well I'm off to have a cup of tea and read my book for a few hrs

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