Sunday, November 05, 2006


It's Christmas soon, I'm definitely going to go into panic mode soon, at Christmas time I like to make up baskets of things for my grand parents, what else can you give to an Octavian who has everything, I usually go for the things that they wouldn't buy for themselves, My grandmother saves on her pension to buy each of her 4 children, 14 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren, birthday and Christmas presents in her basket I know there will be some rocky road last year

  • I found some individual serve puddings and small tetrapak Paul's custard
  • a box of fruit mince pies
  • a box of glensomethingorother shortbread
  • a packet of Tim tams
  • a variety box of mochona coffee sticks
I'm sure there was something else in there ....... I lined the basket with some nice tea towels and tucked one in over the top then tied a length of that sparkly stuff you wrap around the Christmas tree, the name eludes me at the moment I'll remember it later when it's not important....... oh wait its called tinsel that's right, anyway grandma said grandad and her really liked it so did pa

this year I am thinking I would like to make some things to go in the basket ...... number 1 will be orange liquor chocolate truffles, I found a recipe for white rocky road in this Months good taste mag so I will definitely have a go at that, I would also like to have a go at making some nice boxes to put them in,

I have been collecting the art of calligraphy magazines even though I don't really have any place to practice there are some great ideas on gift bags and boxes and I do have a week off, the boy is focusing more and more on getting his bonnie ready for rego in 2 months 3 weeks and 6 days
not that I'm counting or anything,so I should have plenty of time to myself.

I wonder how long these things I want to make will keep, I get the feeling now would be too soon even if I did store them in the freezer so I thing I will focus on boxes and collecting ingredients until a few days b4 I see them I will need to find a very good hiding spot, I know the boy has a very sweet tooth and tends to eat things I have planned for something else, which is why planning weekly meals doesn't work

after I publish this I will be adding another ticker or 2 to my title :-)

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