Friday, November 10, 2006

Well last night mum and I went shopping I bought 3 pair of shorts and a pair of jeans, I discovered I love Susan Grae, I always thought it was old lady clothes but their sizes are generous and there weren't many things that were affected by my sticking out bum ( the reason I cannot wear most hipsters) I was very disappointed in Target I always remember them having very generous sizes like their 12 being equivalent to 14 everywhere else well.... I usually grab stuff in two sizes according to how the make looks I tried on some size 12 pants which didn't get much past my knees then I tried some 14 shorts which got to my hips but would not in a million years do up I didn't bother with the rest, the funny thing is I bought a T-shirt of e-bay which came in the mail today its a target 14 and its almost too big, I think it's supposed to be fitted but it will be a good T shirt fitted or not for a while
After target I lost heart and we went to the almost closed food court for dinner
I went to the shop this afternoon to get some things, I collected a few ingredients for my baskets and some fruit, I got apricots I'm not sure if they are ripe but we will see, they'll get eaten anyway when I came out the rain Had started and there was this big black cloud overhead
Don't you just love the smell of rain on the hot road, I hope we get a lot more and whoever decides these things can figure out a way of directing the storm water to the catchment rather than out to sea, unfortunately people think too much about where their water is coming from and so wont agree to recycling plants, which by the way send out 5 star water while stubborn people drink 3 star. OK so I would like to be able to water my fruit trees a little more often than I do and I don't have the space for a bigger water tank, ours is either overflowing or empty grrrrrrr

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