Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ok so maybe the postie isn't so bad

First I want to thank Mel for posting about Fly Lady, wow its amazing how inspired you can be just by cleaning the sink, OK so its scrubbing the sink until it shines and putting away the now clean dishes rather than leaving it till tomorrow

Today the postie rang the door bell....... yes it does work............. I must have answered the door in a similar state(half asleep in my nightie) one day and he decided not to wake us if we don't need to sign, who would expect the postie to come at 730 in the morning especially when they used to come at lunchtime,
now what did he bring,
well there was:

  • a mysterious little parcel for the boy(Bike bits)
  • a very heavy little box (bits for the little beastie)
  • a fairly light big box(I found where to get pasta cooking tubes cheaper then $80)
  • a parcel post satchel("Disturbingly good" T-shirt)
so I spent all morning out in the shed getting the Little beastie ready for her new bits, I have discovered that I really need to touch up on my welding skills, the boy ended up doing that bit for me grrrrrrrrrrrr we got the new stand on only to discover that I need another tool I have not got to put the new bits on, luckily there was one in Melbourne hopefully it arrives COD on Friday, for some reason all of these old bike parts shops are also behind the times, no online shop no credit/debit card facilities, oh well I suppose that's what gives them their charm

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