Friday, November 10, 2006

No Parcels X-(

we have been hanging for weeks to take the hobie cat out, we spent hours replacing bolts repainting rusty bits, making plans to improve the lighting situation the only thing we are missing is the all important safety equipment, there would be nothing worse than falling off in the middle of a lake without a life jacket
.... Thursday last week we got an e-mail that they are on the way ..... that's 5 working days, yes they did say allow 7-10 working days but it's very frustrating when things have generally been arriving within 3-5 days, I hate to do it but I have to blame something, first I figure austpost may have too many people on holidays so that they have plenty of staff for Christmas time when we get 2 delivery's a day.
I was happy with that ...... until.... I got an e-mail from a seller in Victoria who I bought a dress off apologising for the delay in postage and contact due to Melbourne cup day being a public holiday in Melbourne or is it all of Victoria, there has been much discussion about doing the same here, something about reduced production on that day, I have yet to see that we go about our usual business up to 3 o'clock then stop until around 10 past 3 or however long after 5 past that the race takes, then go back to work or home depending on the shift.
So I am blaming the melbournites and their public holiday for the massive delay in postage I guess early next week there will be many parcels for us which will make me very happy I love getting parcels and letters even if they are bills.

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