Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Cherry Ripe Day

click on the image below to see the poem, that my cousin wrote about her dad you may need to click again to get it to reading size..........

Garry Lyon passed away on the 18Th of November 2001, he was taking part in the Forster Iron man when he suffered a massive heart attack, he was 55 and had no previously known heart problems and had been very active for his whole life.
those of you out there who have been a little slack with your exercise or if you plan on drastically increasing your exercise level please go and get checked out before you start, my cousin was my uncles trainer for the triathlon and because he was active didn't see the need to get checked she did partly blame herself for a little while.

cherry ripe day is the day we remember his love of the chocolate bar, for his birthday he was given a huge box of snack size cherry ripe, we joked at the time that it was a lifetime supply, he took one to work every day.

On Cherry Ripe day we share cards and Small gifts involving cherries and of course snack size cherry ripe bars.

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Anonymous said...

i heart cherry ripes.

what a nice story.

luv ya miss xx