Monday, November 06, 2006

I need to go shopping ........ or something

I'm dead bored, the boy is at work which is usual for this time of night and I have no one to annoy, I suggested today that a desk that I could set my hobbies up on where the freezer sits at the moment would be nice, he agrees that is a good Idea, but will there be enough light? I'm sure I can figure it out so that it is light enough, this was followed by a long lecture about how I need to consolidate my intrests.
The boy decides if he can't spend at least an hour a day persuing an intrerest it should be discarded, I get the feeling he has moved house alot which makes it important to reduce the ammount of crud you own.
I enjoy many hobbies at different times or for that matter all at the same time I would like to one day make cross stitch cards written in calligraphy and perhaps matching paper to wrap a kintted gift in
............ get the Idea............
at the moment I am interested in having more of a go at caligraphy give me a month or so and my intrest will be sewing or cross stich I never really spend enough time on one thing to become really good at it, for that matter I don't own a sewing machine(a fact which Pa wishes to remedy as soon as I have room for nans sewing machine) or an Ironing board, that makes it a little hard to be any good at sewing.
It must be a bit dissapointing when it comes to that, the only woman in mums family who has never sewn her own clothes,
maybe not but sometimes I think mum would have really liked a girly girl with a job as a P.A who dresses up and goes out for lunch with friends and loves to shop and cook and sew................ sometimes I would like to be those things too

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