Sunday, November 05, 2006

That weight thing again

well today is weigh day ........... again.............on Friday I was almost back to 77kg but today wasn't so bad here are my results page

Your current weight 75.7
Weight change since last entry +0.2
Total weight change -3.3

ok so its only 0.2 but it all ads up I know I can eat right and I know I can loose weight and I know I am being completely lazy, we had Pizza last night, I felt soooooooo sick, I haven't been stopping when I get full I need to get back to that no ok I'll wait a few seconds and stuff more in, I'm full nothing more need pass my lips, It is hard being that I can't bring myself to throw anything out especially food

speaking of throwing things out .... I am yet again selling things on EBay I was told one day when I complained of having nothing to wear that I have plenty of clothes just not the right ones, and of course he's right again ....... most of my clothes are "good" which means too good to bum around in or duck down the shops or take the woofs for a walk so...... I am selling , anything "good" that I haven't worn for over a year and some things that I just couldn't wear

all size 12-14-16 mostly labeled as M or L which means I had to guess, if you are interested see here, I think I might put some more up, I have also bid on a heap of really cheap T-shirts, on Thursday I am going on a shopping trip to find more shorts

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