Monday, October 09, 2006

What happened to sunday

Well......... I dunno

we did have the usual sunday night Pizza ummmmm and I we got the boys tail light working, Less than 4 months to go, he's in the shed every day for most of the day every now and then his bonnie (from now on known as Old Bess) roars to life revs and idles and smokes then he turns her off every now and then,
For me well I'm stuck in the ute again, Its driving me mad. I ordered the parts for my bonnie almost 2 weeks ago shes been sitting neglected in the shed ever since, I sould drag myself out there and give her a good clean up but well its to depressing to do things like that knowing that I still can't ride her until I get these parts, Mind you the parst I need could fit in the palm of my hand, I don't understand why they dont have a set tucked away in the back of their werehouse in melbourne rather than having to get the parts from england. The Bantam is also off the road still waiting to get the bits back for that, hopefully I don't have to go for a blueslip again, the rego runs out on wednesday, I was going to get my brothers mate to do a pinkslip for me but the boy talked me out of it
I do know it has been hot although it is a little cool today I hate it when it gets hot, the boy is one of those hot bodies that sweat as soon as the tempreature rises above 20'C which of course means no sleep for either of us, and waking up every morning to a wet bed, grrrrrr

I can't wait for autumn again

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