Monday, October 30, 2006

this is it

Time to start again, this week was a gain of 1.5 which brings me back to only 3.5 kgs down ......grrrrr so this is it tonight right here I am promising myself I will get up in the morning and at least go for a brisk walk hopefully with a little more jogging than I did last night, it is difficult with one dog wanting to run with me and the other trailing behind, last night I ended up letting champ off the lead so he would have to keep up with us or get left behind which is OK when its dark but I'm always worried about the ranger coming along during the day and there's a couple of hundred$$$ gone even thought I can usually control them with my voice.... oh well another rule of course being breakfast, I have a big box of wheat bix on the table there's no excuse

I cooked food this afternoon so that will do for dinner for the rest of the week lunch will happen eventually, oh and no more sweet treats, I ate the last of my stash of neenish tarts today so no more and no biscuits either hmmmm getting to the time of year where we only shop for a couple of days at a time it should be a lot easier to eat fresh again,

yesterday the boy decided I have some sort of eating disorder after I ate a whole garlic bread on my own another habit which will have to stop, I Love my garlic bread and my neenish tarts and my Aussie pizza and of course steamed dimmis

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