Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pics and no pics

well, the kitchen floor is a peachy colour after all that, the benches are orange, the stove is white and the table is brown, there are 12 freddo cupcakes siting in the oven, hopefully rising in a nice shape, I have only ever made one chocolate cake which didn't rise funny and I forgot to put the eggs in that one

When I came home this afternoon, the bedroom door was shut which I assumed was to keep the dogs out ..... when I opened the door I had to laugh, he's so sweet some times, hanging from the ceiling fan was a very interesting piece of clothing. No I am not going to show any pics but I will say that it is red and black stretchy lace and I really gotta start putting and effort in where my bum is concerned.

now the pics I will share are of the really great kebabs we made for the BBQ with dad the other night and an awesome rose that was in Pa's front yard.

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jen said...

ooh la la la....go girl...

Cn taste those kebabs from here, and love the rose...