Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'll be with you in Apple Blossom time.......

well, it is apple blossom time, which of course means come winter we will have apples...YAaaaaaaaaaaaay, the peaches are now mostly 2 cm in diameter, we have a mulberry growing, I hope more will follow, and the mango is in flower which hopefully will mean next year we will get mango's or at least 1 mango

Its amazing how spring sorta takes over, all of the plants at work are starting to flower, its funny seeing such beautiful things pop up in the middle of all of that industrialness

I love the big purple flowers, they are probably a nasty weed of some sort but they are really pretty

Spring at home is progress time, we have finally completely dog proofed the veggie patch, I put a small fence around my veggies after they decided to dig in them earlier but we also keep potting mix and gypsum and blood and bone in the place behind the fence dogs for some reason like tearing the plastic bags open and digging in the contents, we are also preparing to get our chooks sometime in the not too distant future which I'm sure the dogs would like to play with

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jen said...

I agree,I just love seeing all the fruit trees in blossom....
Have noticed too, all the weeds in my garden are blossoming how too find the time to weed 'em!!!