Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dalsight saving .....grrrr

I woke up way late this morning I was planning on getting up at around 7 well 6 in standard time. Of course I didn't get up untill well after 9 so it was way too hot to go for a run, hmmmmmmmmmmmm........................... we went to the boat shop in penrith to get bits for the trailer and while we were out got the woofs some pig ears, it seems girly is afraid of the pig ears while they are in the net

Our boat trailer now has a shiney new jockey wheel and a nice painted mast holder bracket
we had BBQ'd roo kebabs and salad for lunch and some black pudding seeing that our Chrisco boxes are coming in around 2 weeks its time to start emptying out the freezers again, we usually end up with the chest freezer, and both fridge freezers stuffed full the only thing we ever have to go to the shops for is the fresh stuff, like milk,bread and salad vegatables usually untill the middle of january even if it does cost more than sticking with the weekly shop there is so much less stress involved, one day when we have a decent bit of savings something irraparble is going to happen to the fridge freezer, Im not sure what yet but its gotta be better than the thing breaking down two weeks before chirstmas ande the boy won't even look at a new one untill this one which he got from his ex girlfriends dads garage sale for $20 around 7 years ago breaks down

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