Monday, October 16, 2006

A New Toy

We sat here on Saturday night staring at the screen 5 mins to go, "bid now" says the boy, "No not yet"I say, 3 mins to go "bid now" says the boy, "No not yet"I say 2 mins "bid now" says the boy, "No not yet"I say, 1min 30secs "c'mon bid now" says the boy, "Oh alright"I say, carefully I click the bid now button. I still feel it to early to bid I prefer to bid with 20secs to go so than no one can jump in after me. slowly I enter the bid 1002.51, "Just to confuse them". and confirm bid.......

Current bid 680 1.15 to go
Current bid 721 0.45 to go
Current bid 752 0.30 to go
Current bid 812 018 to go
Auction ended
you are the winning bidder
winning bid $812

Breathe B, Breathe. I was trembling so much with excitement, so many times I have lost and auction in the last 30 seconds , but this is not one of them I thought I might throw the blow by blow account here for those of you who don't and probably never will understand the fascination of EBay

Now what did we buy for such a high price.................
this is to become our new weekend activity, as soon as I get a tow bar on the ute and a pair of life jackets and the boy wants to put new ropes on it too, I can't wait to take it out I can see we are going to have alot of fun learning how to sail after reading the book dad lent me

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jen said...

wowwwwwwww I have always wanted to have a go at doing that...Good luck, and have fun!!

Jen xx