Saturday, October 07, 2006

1 set gone things to do places to go

well, I did do better yesterday. I had a small bowl of weet bix, baked fish sanga for lunch and gnocchi with tomato and olive stir through, it wasn't all that great, I normaly go for a roasted vegie stir through the tomato and olive one was a little spicy but it is impossible to find sauce in single serve packs, If any big sauce companys are out there, I think there would be a market for single serve sauce and perhaps fresh pasta I am wondering how gnocchi will keep once it is opened. Since the renovations at work which gave us a really nice mealroom and the clever boys that they are, bought crockery, cutlery a pot a fry pan and a colander, now if the gnocchi can keep for a few days in a container in the fridge, I could buy a serves 4 pack and a jar of sauce for the week, and perhaps take something different to have with it occasionally, steak, chicken, chorizo after reading so much about it in good taste I have to give it a go

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