Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I'm tired but, I'm hungry but I'm hot but I'm bored, I want to cook but I need to clean first grrrrrrrrrrrrrr welcome to my life

I made a good effort we went and did a shop today and decided we will shop at the other supermarket in future after finding that this one no longer has bulk home brand things on the shelf, we used to buy the larges jar of stuffed olives every fortnight that was 1kg today the largest was 700 g, I used to like the lemon and dill seasoned bake in the bag chicken they only had savoury flavour

I have made an attempt with the kitchen three sinks of dishes in between,"Belinda come have a look at this". The boy spent most of the day on the puter, no he's not such a lazy bugger he's a big whinger and will complain all day about having too much to do and the place is a mess and there's washing still in the machine and I've got no socks and undies why are you doing whites when I have no sock and undies........ and he says I I banned him from the rest of the house

we bought a little treat today, freddo cupcakes, I was thinking about making them tonight but well...... I still have a load of dishes to do and the floor needs mopping

I am hoping the lady who I bought these chairs off will get back to me soon, we have nothing in the dining room to sit on grrrr

I might just go and have another look at the kitchen and decide what to do with it

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jen said...

geeeeeeeeee wish someone would ban me from the housework....I hate it, espesially as I work long hours, have to cook and have to fit in housework somewhere!!!