Wednesday, April 25, 2007


While many people awoke in the early hours of this morning to go to dawn services, or the city march, we slept and slept and slept, very sad I know.

anzac day is the rememberance and aniversary of the day that the Australian an New Zealand Army Corps hit the beaches at galipolli in the wrong spot, many died and after a few months they were forced to retreat, I have seen a movie which shows them making the retreat using rifles rigged up with a container and a dripping bucket above it so that they fired at different times ands the turks would think that they were still there, very clever.

watching alot of war movies today I am surprised at the fact that the old 1050's films show the men showing such affection to each other, I think one was the desert rats of tabrook (spelling?) one of the men started going off at his superior out in the feild and two men jumped on hime holding him dow and tipped some water over his head, after he calmed down the superior who was stroking his head Like you would to comfort anyone who is upset, asked him if he was ok befor they let him up again

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Anonymous said...

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