Tuesday, April 03, 2007

ho hum

I was trying to pick this up again hahahahahaha obviously a bit slow in actually doing, I really want a laptop so I can get out of this silly cupboard.
I'm certain with the advances in laptops soon no house will have a specific computer room especially houses like mine, our use of the space could probably be better but that's not going to happen . the dogs pulled out the Internet connection twice this week, so I was not happy about laying on my back under the house, connecting little phone line wires.
One day I will move the modem to the front of the house and get rid of all of the other phone lines that are under the house we don't need them we have cordless phones the main one is a quad pack 3 in the house and 1 in the shed then we have the VOIP phones, in a three pack, throughout the house, we only use those to ring out its too much trouble changing numbers and the VOIP that we have at the moment is really temperamental.
The boy would have given up long ago, I just keep resetting it, keep rese-ting, keep rese-ting hmm doesn't quite work in text ....... think nemo and dory sad I know, me and my kids movies, seriously I love the animation all of the things they can do these days amazes me, I like to buy the special edition DVDs because they have the how it was made on them

and I thought I'd have nothing to type we got calendar girl's (new house member) wardrobe yesterday I have decided that when I get old and grumpy and don't want to so much any more I'm going into furniture assembly, I love it, its like a big jigsaw puzzle in 3D and at the end its something useful, watching mum and dad trying to put anything together is a nightmare, they usually call for help, I really don't get what is so hard about it but then there are a few girls I know who will call daddy to put things together too so it must be really confusing, I really like the ones that come with instructions in another language or that are poorly interpreted, it ads to the fun

me I feel like Ive been hit by a bus maybe its that flu shot kicking in, but I woke up this morning went to the loo and straight back to bed, I probably should see about that but it s also likely to be related to lack of sleep or too many pillows too, I am thinking about trying the new chiropractor down the road I'm also deciding, since I need it for tax purposes weather to go fully featured health insurance for $1000s a year or just basic hospital for around $80, I'm hoping they change the thresholds this year or next then I can go back to not worrying and keep my savings for medical needs and just have ambulance cover like I always have, I hate the Idea of paying for something I may not want or need or for some one else to use but with us both on motorcycles, I reckon there's a chance of a chopper ride and I imagine that would be very expensive thus the ambulance cover

I'm watching the Ute ATM its on e-bay lots of looks 7 watchers but no bids....... grrrrrrr it finishes at around lunch time I'm thinking a nap until then will do me good

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