Tuesday, April 10, 2007

what a weekend

we finally took the boat out for a decent sail........ 4 hours to be exact ..................... my grandmother has a holiday house at nelson bay, we have been going there well since grandma was a little girl, its right across the road from the beach if you lay on the bed in the front room you hear the waves rolling in and feel like you have to lift your feet for the street sweeper to go past
this weekend we camped in the backyard I got up bright and early with mum for a nice 6am swim then the boy came out with some of the bits for the boat which we had put on the beach when we arrived so it was ready to go. mum suggested that we go for a quick sail before breakfast off we went me thinking we'd say close to the beach for around half an hour and have breakfast then go out again.................. we kept going and going three or four beaches along the boy said lets turn around here........... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA........... we tried then we started going backwards eventually he let me steer and I got us out to the middle of the harbour where the sand bars are with big waves, which was pretty fun then we had to try and get back to the beach lots of fun doing that, a nice man on a kayak gave us some pointers and we were off again we eventually got back to breakfast at 1200 mum had been worried about us and driven around all of the local beaches looking for us, we arrived back just as they did
we didn't go out again but dad and DLB went out for a bit they had fun, we drove home on Monday morning, very tiring, apparently nelson bay is 2.5 hrs from Sydney, I am yet to do the trip in less than 3 which is probably a good thing considering the road toll which is generally related to people driving further than they normally do in one go,
*******************seriously people nothing is better than pulling into a driver reviver for a cuppa and a bickie and a stretch, the beach will still be there if you get there half an hour later, the room/spot you booked will still be vacant , the family will be much happier having stopped and had a run around, trust me while I was growing up, dad went from the have to get there now style to the stop revive survive style it made the trip much more enjoyable, especially since we often did it leaving home at 11 at night or 4 in the morning************************

on another note, I'm 4 days "Late" and have 2 lines, :-) guess I'd better visit a DR sometime soon,
I'm a little disappointed,
I haven't been able to use my new cloth pads but I did use the pantie liner and found it very comfortable, I guess because its cotton feels like cotton undies.
I was expecting to be sick and a whole lot of other things, I do have tender boobs, don't hug too tight, how do you explain that one to a family member, and I'm really tired and moody, recovering from night shift , and I haven't had a good wee for what seems like ages(you know the one where you are absolutely busting, and you get to completely empty your bladder really quickly) OK so that may be in the TMI category.
as for mentioning anything to anyone........ My cousin said once with the wokness monster you cant tell everyone until its in,in and well and truly stuck to the side, or something like that,

I think after I see the DR I might mention it to mum, but she doesn't want grandies so I also might wait until people ask questions about why I never drink anymore and why I don't drink so much coffee although that doesn't provide for much support really does it we'll see, we, the boy and I, are not babies people, we just feel that now is a good time so it will probably be a shock to a lot of people until then life goes on, those who read this will be my secret keepers for now..................

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jen said...

wooooooohooooooooooooo BJB, I am excited for you....I love bubba's...

Jen xx