Sunday, April 15, 2007

the christening

I'm hoping I don't offend too many people with this one

today was J's christening, it was so hypocritical.

I sat at the back of the church, listening to the priest who obviously beleived very much in what he was saying and enjoyed explaining it all to others, which is always good rather than the old boring church service where you have to sit still, be quiet and try to stay awake while passage after passage is read from the bible.

Any way the hypocritical bit was when the parents and godparents had to speak on behalf of the child (in this case J) that isn't a problem if you know that they go to church most sundays and beleive in what they are saying, but all 4 of them hardly ever go to church which is actually the reason that j was christened so old (he is almost 2) it took them that long to find someone to christen the child of people that do not attend the church which I beleive is exactly what should happen.

I feel that they basicly lied to a priest in a church which is just not done I promised to raise him in the way of the church and teach him about god etc and on his behalf denied the devil acces or some thing like that but that is the first time in years that any of them have been to church it is all a thing that is done because of fashion, thats all I can see of it anyway.

no I haven't got to the Doc yet I might go tomorrow on my way home from getting the bike registered,


Rae said...


Thats very interesting news indeed (two lines, can really only mean one thing! funnily enough, i have never got a positive result before in my life and i've been pregnant several times! wonder if it'd work now?) I can understand about the mother not wanting grandies, my MIL was NOT PLEASED AT ALL! wouldn';t even let us mantion the words... but she has really come round!

On teh Christening front, i so agree with you! We are active Christians, and are planning to have a dedication (a way for parents to say we will raise then in the knowledge of the Lord and so provide them witht eh knowledge to make their own decision) and think the whole christen for tradition thing is terrible! ARGH! why, when they obviously don't mean it? so i understand!
So have you been to the doc's yet? whats your man think about it? WOW!! Such big news!
cathc ya soon!
Rae :)

p.s i am very good at keeping these things secret! plenty of practice! hehe

Rae said...

Oh, and the sickness thing (if you get it, not everyone does!) doens't usually hit til week 5/6, though the tender boobs only get worse before they get better! sorry about that one!And the weeing is annoying, i understand! gets you used to getting up ion teh night too!