Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Have I mentioned ....................

I Hate Nightshift

1st noght the stupid security guard wouldn't let me in the gate because my vehicle Identification wasn't in the window (Man I can't wait untill I get my bike back)

**I found it the next day on the tallboy where I'd put it so that I could hand it in after we sold the car, unfortunatley the car is needed right now, the boy's bike has major problems and despite the ammount of money they are going to make out of it they are still treating it like someones toy rather than their only mode of transport and it has been pushed to the back of the que in favour of the regular customers who are more than likely getting their bike serviced ready for garaging during the cooler months and can do without them for a few week quite comfortabley, they only ordered the parts last week and it is going to take 2 weeks for them arrive they could have ordered the parts straight away and had then done the other work grrrrrrr***

because I had allowed for a 5 min walk from the carpark to the sign on office I was now running late, of course, and I thought that the really strict clerk was on so I'd be likley to lose 15 min for being 5 mins late, any way I ran........ I shouldn't run I know that..... then I tripped and fell........ I have discovered that I now bruise very easily I have two very sore thigh muscles and a sore wrist, I hope I haven't done anything major to my wrist it seem to be getting a little better but still hurt to turn my hand (another thing that happens much more often than you think about)
O got up and kept going at at much more sedate pace then spent the next hour or so trying to catch my breath..... I really shouldn't run.

the rest of the week has been fairly uneventful. We have come to the decision that rather than a small car we will be looking for a dual cab Ute which will be almost as use full as the single cab but much less tray space and you can fit a baby seat to it apparently.

I am getting a little frustrated in my research, I have found a midwife (the one mentioned earlier has found herself an assistant we meet on the 1st of June) but still, reading various bits of information one thing really stands out to me,

it is expected that everyone owns a car...... this one really bothers me, "the hospital will not let you leave unless you have an appropriate child restraint fitted to your car"

in other topics like birth options and prams/strollers alternatives are briefly mentioned but this one there is no alternative offered in any info I have found,

would it hurt to mention that if you do not have a car you will need to request that the taxi is fitted or something like that or in the case of many people I have seen at one of the the local hospitals walking to the station, the train station is only 500mtrs away perhaps people are planning on taking a walk to the station no cars involved at all but there is no mention of what happens in that situation do they make sure your pram is appropriate before you leave?

anyway that is enough Of my whinging, I have started to feel off a lot more lately, bread is my best friend it makes me stop feeling sick, cold dairy snack do two, I know that its not overly great nutritionally but if works for now, I'll have to start looking into eating real foods again soon and making the time to make food

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