Wednesday, April 04, 2007


wow two posts in one day look out thing might be happening again...............

I'm getting really descriptive about my titles at the moment hahahahahahahahahaha

during my very short nap, the parcel man arrived and delivered my lundry powder tin and my soaking bucket, which I didn't realise at the time are retro kitchen not just the type you get from spotlight so I am really happy about that, I am also turning green, earth friendly type green not the colour, I found out about re-useable sanitry supplies, so I will be testing some out, I currently have enough to last me 2 days which should be long enough to get the idea of wether I like them or not, that is providing that that is the reason I have had sore nipples for the last week or so, that is definatley one thing that is driving me crazy, they range from just tender to touch to take my top off and get me an ice pack, was really bad tonight when the job I was doing required laying on my chest while pulling big cables through the holes the belong in, they were bloody stubborn cables , I will have some lovley bruises tomorrow, there may well be a good pic to go with that

oh well thats me for tonight bed is calling

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