Thursday, April 05, 2007

easter and the loooooong weekend

welll its that time of year again, so much chocolate so much temptation.................. well that is for some, I love the odd cadbury cream egg and red tulip bunnies but I have sort of gone off chocolate , we have choc chip easter buns.................. some one rang the radio whinging about the shops calling them easter buns it think its appropriate because they don't sell them hot anymore so they can't be called hot crossed buns.......................... they use dark chocolate chips, which I really like, I must be getting old, I like dark chocolate.
We are having pizza tomorrow night, the boy likes to make extra effort to go against the tradition of fish on good friday so home made meat lovers pizza it is, I'm planning to make the bases as well, with one of the recipies from a year in bread hopefully they will work out ok, despit my lacking a pizza stone, if they turn out ok I'll buy one
I'm happy that this year I will have 5 days off thats almost a whole weeknice I have no Idea what I'll do but I think it may have a bit to do with getting my routines back in order

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jen said...

Happy Easter, enjoy the 5 days off...relax and catch up on some "ME" time...we all need it!!