Wednesday, April 18, 2007

yep ...... now what

well I went to the doc finally and she confirmed I am 5.5 week pregnant... wow typing that sorta makes it real doesn't it .......... then she talked very quickly about tests for this and tests for that and which hospital do I want to go to, she was unimpressed when I said I don't particularly want to go to hospital "well where are you planning on having it then" was the very sharp short reply, I was hoping she would give me a list of options but no, I have done alot of reaserch over the past month or so Idealy I'd like to stay home....... call me crazy but I do live within 10 mins of 2 hospitals ....... the other option I had seen was midwife run centers which are attached to hospitals but no docs involved unless needed. to make it simple for everyone fairly healthy women have been having babies long before doctors were even invented obviously with varying experiances but still there shouldn't be a requirement for a healthy woman to go to hospital which in this country unfortunatley it seems there is (indpendant midwives are not covered by medicare) another reason is that the hospital I would most likley be going to a friend got hepititis when she went there to have her baby and more recently a lady died after a Ceasearien because she wasn't monitored properly after ther surgery..... she didn't even get to see her child.... the other one has lost at least one baby's body so probably not so bad. on top of all of that I really don't like going to doctors or hospitals if I can really help it.

I have contacted a midwife who is sending me an infor mation pack so we will see where we go from there

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Rae said...

WOW!! so exciting! don't worry, it'll take a while to sink in and become real! And i know what you mean, i think it's stupid that you have to pay for a midwife or be covered at a hospital (where all the sick people are!)
That being said, for me, i probably wouldn't be allowed to not go to the hospital, but my best friend had her first at hospital (but got to have a water birth), and decided the hospital was completely unneccessary! So she has decided to have her second at home. So i say GO FOR IT!!! :)
Good Luck!
Rae :)