Thursday, December 07, 2006

Very Busy

last week some little darling tried to break into the Ute ...... nothing went missing, not that there was anything to go missing anyway, I'm guessing that teh alarm went off and scared them away.

I got it fixed today, $410 , ouch, thank goodness for my little green plastic card absolute lifesaver, I think once we pay the bed off I'll get the amount decreased to around $1000 or maybe as low as $500 since it affects our ability to consolidate or get loans as even if it's unused they view the maximum limit as if it were totally drawn which makes sense it would be easy to rack up a big debt ob a credit card in a day, but $500-1000 would be enough for situations like today where its pay day but I may not get paid until 8 or 9 at night or even the next morning and I only had 200 in my account, and they couldn't give me even an estimate until after the work was done grrrrrrr

I have been told that I must walk the woofs for at least 30 mins a day, because the muck up too much, the killed one of our olive trees, the boy doesn't want a new one but I think we will get more olives if we have 2 trees so I might go and find one and plant it for Xmas or his B'day since I know how much he loves olives especially when we learn how to bottle them

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