Monday, December 18, 2006

weigh gain grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

the things we need on it when we need them, then I stick it to the page on my diary when I go I got so close... so close to 70 now I'm almost back where I started, OK so I have been eating absolute crud for the last month or so we are now down to the plain old meat and veg which will make things so much easier, I have started sticking a sticky note to the pantry door and writingshopping much betterer than trying to think then comeing home with pies and susage rolls.

I made an attempt to fix our dripping taps today, i needed some help form the boy (mr bull at the gate) he managed to break one of the tap dressing peices then I realised he was trying to pull it off and that piece screws of the C thingy was damaged by my attempts of removing it as well, but when I got a new one it turned out to be the wrong type so I have to take that back and try again the bath taps didn't get done because I couldn't get the spindle off the tube spaner I have is too short I can't get the tommy bar throught the hole because the tap is in the way grrrrrrrrrrrr and its too far in the wall to use a shifter, if I ever get it off I'll replace it with a different one, the bathroom tap doesn't leak anyway

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