Monday, December 18, 2006

xmas diner with the inlaws

it wasnt so bad I suppose, the boys baby bro left at around 530 I was trying to get the hint to the boy that this is our chance to escape but he was too drunk to get me again, it was alright for him he dosen't have to do the driving, it's almost an hour trip we left whith his dad when I ended up tell ing hime we are going, it's hard these days since you gotta watch what you drink if you are driving, I had a bicardi breezer and a glass of champagine then water for the rest of the day, the boy had who know how many beers, he didn't even get the hint it was time to give the kids their gifts his SIL ended up doing it

I hate beer I hate spirits I hate that people get so addicted to such crap and calim they can't relax or have fun with out it, its all total and utter bull-dung he is satrting to talk about future plans for family some time after we get an investment property and after the knockdown re-build, if he still relies on beer that much when he the time comes that we do start seriously thinking he is going to get a big wake up call I can handle the unpredictability of his mood when he's had a few, ok so I usually go to bed and he gets an earbashing when he sobers up, the other night it was a 6 pack of scotch and coke premix, a bottle of champagine and half a bottle of red he didn't get to bed untill I dragged him there I rang home later he asked why I opened the dining room blinds, I told him how he opened them so that he could go and attack the next islander/aboriginal who walked past, he only gets like that after alot to drink, he went quiet and he didn't go to work, I can't wait untill they bring in RBT where he works with a 0 limit like I have.


jen said...

yeaaaaa I agree with you .... a lot of places do need RBT as well as drug testing too....make for a lot of safer and happy workplaces...

Keep smiling, keep trying

finallyonmyway said...

I certainly do agree too that RBT and drug testing is needed, and not butting in but i think the whole 'i need it to relax/wind down' is such a cop out, b4 we had children hubby used to enjoy a puff to 'unwind' after work, when i fell pregnant i told him he had till i was 6 months preggers to learn to cope with life and learn to 'unwind' unaided... best thing i ever done... he's a diff guy these days... but i guess i am lucky in that respect, he does listen to me and take my thoughts and feeling into account most times.