Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas is over for another year yaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Gee I'm a miserable thing but we have had a very big weekend on Saturday I went to mums to borrow the kitchen and make things for my grandparents, I'll only ever do it for grands it was a lot to do in a short time and because everything once made needs to be refrigerated and only lasts a week or so I didn't want to make them too early, after all of my making stuff I raced of too work feeling very asleep lucky me got the chance to crash for a few hours it would have been bad had it been a busy day but I laid on a bench seat and woke up a few hours later feeling much better

Sunday (Christmas Eve) My bossy cousin likes to have the family around on Xmas eve just like old times I can see it being really fun when my new little cousin is old enough to appreciate it and we can go and see if we can spot Santa flying around, it's a thing my uncle used to do with us every year we'd go for a big walk around the block the year my cousin took us he was whispering to him as we left, "Russ the planes the planes". so that's how we managed to spot Rudolf :-) anyway this year we had blood orange marmalade glazed ham for dinner it was awesome
we went back on Xmas day for breakfast and lunch because some people have other places to be for lunch we unwrapped presents after breakfast ..... I knew the boy got me something very expensive but i didn't know it would be this goodits much pinker than that close up I even managed to get twinkle twinkle out before we went home my oldest cousin is a very good violinist he has a real ear for music I remember one year me my bossy cousin and my oldest cousin played something together I had to play the full piece first off the music and then they copied I'd love to be naturally that good at recognising sounds

My Aunty also brought her little dog because it is on heat, there's some excuse about it might get fat if she desexes it, anyway this is what you get if you cross a jack Russel and a corgi

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