Saturday, December 16, 2006


I went to lunch today with a friend I went to school with, the boy reckons we don't really click like old friends should, but that's probably because we weren't friends at school, we knew each other but rarely did anything together, she go me a basket of garden stuff , strawberry's, herbs, tools, gloves and little frog thingies that you stick in pots and planters , I made a big jar of wholemeal gingerbread, I was so pleased with myself I even piped outlines or in the case of the tree shapes I covered them in icing, we went to the pub for lunch was a great meal then we went for a little walk around the shops and home again, it was such a great day

one thing that amazes me is the way that people insist on driving past every parking space in the shopping center hoping to find one close to the shop we went straight to level 4 then did a rough sweep of that level then at the top of the ramp on level 5 we found a park, it wasn't a long walk to the shop and we only got stuck in traffic trying to get to the ramp to go up the level we parked on had at least a dozen free spaces and I'm sure the next one would have been almost empty people are very strange or very lazy

the boy bought himself a new iPod Shuffle, the one that you can clip to, well, anything I finally annoyed him enough this evening that he would let me rip his CD collection on to it, he has got some good music I don't listen to music much, like many other things I'd rather be doing it than watching/listening it is a bit of a pain because I was planning to buy him one next week, I know he got me a fairly expensive present but all of the things I would have liked to get for him he bought for himself now I know how mum feels when I got out and get myself stuff

tomorrow is weigh day its also Christmas dinner with the boy's family day he said we'll leave early claiming places to be I thought lunch being around 1230-1ish we could make our excuses and be out of there by 430 or 5 at the latest, then he started talking about 7 or 8 gee I hope we get out before then I don't think I could stand his dad or his Sil for that long, and I know he'll be struggling with both for that long as well oh well we'll see how we go, its the first Sunday in a month that I haven't worked, I'll be working Saturday arv though which is a pain because that's when I plan to make chocolates for the grands the recipe is for orange liquor but I plan to experiment with peppermint and cream liquors as well and pipe orange, green and white and the flavour requires could be interesting it also could be a disaster I am lucky enough to be using mums kitchen at least which is much bigger than mine

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