Thursday, December 14, 2006

wow a whole week

I tried to post yesterday, but it looks like it didn't come through, yesterday 'I put the Ute in to get the central locking fixed, one of the locks has been playing up for a while I waited at Westfield Parramatta all day hoping they would look at it before I had to go to work, of course they didn't,

did do quite a bit of shopping I got the new Sims 2 expansion pack and a game for the boy which is already wrapped under the tree, which I eventually put up on Sunday night.

I still wonder why I bother we don't have any little kids and we rarely get visitors and Christmas is always somewhere else, which by the looks of things will be at mums for the foreseeable future.
I found a reasonably priced universal remote for mum, I got sick of trying to figure out how to get a picture and sound on their telly "no the gray one", "Mum they are all gray","no they're not two are silver" well you get the idea, too many people insist on sticking with the four or five separate remotes required just to get picture and sound out of the box, let's see there's the big one for the screen itself then the big bent one for the sound then the little one for the pictures with the set top box then there's the 4Th one for the DVD player.

they rang me about the car at around 430, I started at 3 so I was at work by then its going to cost another $280 which makes it almost worth claiming on insurance but not quite turns out one of the upy downy units is faulty and the darlings who tried to break in have shorted the wiring to the other one,

I left it with them and caught a train home then walked, for some reason the buses stop at 11 which happens to be when afternoon shifts tend to end, I didn't have any change for the bus anyway and the money I had was for getting the car fixed so I didn't want to spend it on a taxi
lucky me one of the bloke from work was also walking home and lives on the way, we walked to near his place, he offered me a lift but I figured its a nice night and he probably wants to get to bed, its probably a 45-50 min walk so that was My exercise for the day, the dogs didn't get their walk today I 've been eating too much sugary crap lately which of course results in being awake for about an hour then hitting a rock for another 2 or 3 and wanting to sleep the rest of the day away I tried not to sleep but I couldn't quite drag myself out the door which probably would have made me feel much better than a waste of time nap

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