Tuesday, September 04, 2007

exercise is important

I made a big leap again today :-)

I rang the fitness center to find out about aquarobics :-), now that I am on permenant dayshift for a while and I'm not walking around at work so much and I am no longer comfortable walking the dogs on my own (if anyone has seen my physical strength could you please send it back to me I really miss it) I asked mum if she would walk the dogs with me of an afternoon, she has recently develpoed arthur in her ankle (good reason not to wear high heels ever) and cant walk so far anymore especially not with one of our dogs :-( but she suggested aquarobics, hopefully we can get it happening mondays and thursdays or something like that

cootamundra was really nice we are seriously considering moving there if
a) we win lotto/powerball
b)we inherit alot of money or suddenly develop really good budgeting skills.
we went on a bus trip around the town, it surprised me that they have an olympic sized swimming pool, most country towns I have been to only have 25mtr jobbys, they also have alot of sporting grounds and they play every code of football that I know of, not that I'm into football but I don't think we have every code avaliable to us here. Another plus is that we could get a house on twice the block that we have for around half the price thats gotta be a good thing

I'm thinking if its a nice day tomorrow I might attack our somewhat overgrown garden and get a couple of those mulch cubes, the ones where you just add water and there you have a barrow full of mulch while I'm there I'll be looking for cork board material the boy wants to make one wall of the dining room a cork board for all of those important bits of paper

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