Wednesday, September 05, 2007

anyone for silverbeet???

the boy got into my vegie garden today...... grrrr....... he pulled all of the plants out he's planting corn and redesigning the vegie area of the yard so that I can have raised beds :-)

raised beds also mean I can grow ground dewlling and root veggies much more easily, I'm looking forward to giving carrots ago I'd like to grow lettuce and broccolli too I did manage to get some to grow this year (brocolli that is but I didn't pick it so it went to flower, very pretty tiny yellow flowers :-D, I will in the not too distant future be spending quite a bit more time at home so it will be nice to have something to drag me outside in the sunshine

I didn't get around to going to bunnings so no mulch and no cork :-S I did stop by coles on the way home and think I might make lemon slice tonight and maybe carrot cake but i'll probably stick with the slice then bed

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