Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally went shopping

I finally did it I finally got around to shopping, the two SILs offered a while ago but they took too long and didn't contact me oh well I now have some summery clothes that actually fit

mission 1 was to find a dress - nothing fancy just something I don't feel embarrased to wear at the shops or to hang out the washing

mission completed I now have 2 dresses, I may even take the risk of wearing them to work and home again since I catch the train no and all

mission 2 find something to wear to and from work

Mission completed I now have a nice pair of 3/4 pants and a simple skirt and a kaftan style top, I plan to find more in the way of tops

Mission 3 Find an outfit for gummibear's wedding

Mission complete really pretty top and a super comfy black skirt

damage ...... since I don't get paid till thursday I owe dad $300 and I also, owe mastercard an extra $50, not really debts that I wanted but I'll manage, the boys who came to look at the car said they were interested in bidding on it hopefully a few other people will bid too it ends tomorrow if I get 8000 or close I will be very happy because that means that much extra to go on the master card which means we will own our bed very quickly especially with the insurance money back after we sell the ute and the ute repayments going on it and I won't have to worry about any more debts other than the house of course for a long time.... we are considering using the baby bonus or part there of to buy a small car but that won't be until much later, well after baby arrives how will we cope with out a car? probably the same way we did before we got the ute, borrow, hire or use public transport

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jen said...

Love the outfits...espesially the 2nd dress....very nice!

Ohhhhhhh love the "bump" too !!