Thursday, September 27, 2007

food and exercise again

well it sorta fell apart yesterday but here goes

0630 crossant + blueberry muffin
0830 yoghurt
0840 fell over spraining my ankle and receiving grazes to my knee and elbow
1745 cup a soup hearty spanish tomato flavour wouldn't recomend it)
1830 red rooster tropicana pack + fanta
0030 mug of milo

exercise hobbling to first aid, then to psuedo ambulance then upstairs to see doc then downstair for transport back to work then to office then in front gate at home

today is looking healthier

1030 2 weet bix and milk(despite the boy telling me lunch would be ready in an hour ands I don't want to blow out cause his brother said E never managed to loose her baby weight... seriously E has alot of heath problems and excuses I am not E)
1215 roast lamb and vegies

Plan to add
1615 strawberries + vanilla yoghurt
1830 fried leftover vegies with chicken thigh

exercise hobbled to loo several times, hobbled around the shops for an hour after visiting doc

Off to get those strawberries and yoghurt

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