Thursday, August 30, 2007


well..... I've bee away from blogger for a bit ........ dija notice?
I am now working 645 to 315 every day which really sucks, I get up at 430 ok so its more a case of drag my self out of bed and into the shower this gives me lots of time to have a shower.

I have done well this week I'm in training for when I start catching the train to work, to do that I have to be at the bus stop by 530 , I have done well because every day this week I have made lunch the night before and got my work clothes out for the next day and put them on the lounge
I have also managed to have a proper breakfast of some sort
Ok so I have only done 3 days this week , monday was my ADO and I have a Day in lieu tomorrow but on tuesday I had weetbix , wednesday was spagetti on toast and today was baked beans on toast, all accompanied by a glass of orange juice and a mug of milo

I had another appointment on monday, I have been experimenting with cutting out the caffine I only have coffee when I go out or someone else hands me one otherwise its hot choc or milo, it seems to have worked ..... my bp for this appointment was 60/120 :-) the best yet if I can keep doing whatever it is that does that I'll be very happy

I am finding myself very tired latley, not sure if its the 430 start of that I go to bed and the boy gets home but has no Idea why I who normaly hates the door shut has shut the bed room door then comes in and chats for half an hour before going and making himself some dinner

I promised him that I wouldn't go to bed before he got home tonight, but I think I might go and have a nap before he gets home so I don't fall asleep in his lap later, we are going to cootamundra tomorrow they are having an open day on saturday showing off the country lifestyle we may move there one day if we like it

some how my foreman and the depot clerk convinced me to only have 4 weeks off instead of 6 before bubba is due mostly so that I can have more time off after "sigh" that means there are still 10 weeks to go till I stop work for a whil

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jen said...

yup did notice you missing for awhile. Keep on looking after yourself...and you will enjoy the extra 2 weeks OFF after bub is born, believe me!