Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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I can't think of any thing that fits..... for that matter I have very little that fits :-S.

But to start on a better feeling I'd like to congratulate Rae and Duane on the birth of Xavier(that is such a great name :-D) and I'd like to thank Tinydonna and Jen for posting the news

Now on to the fit issue, I saw a lovley dress in pumpkin patch I went and looked at it twice it was a little more expensive than I would like but if it fitted I wanted it, when I tried it on I found a very interesting thing has happened my awkward to fit bit has moved .... ok so that bit is not affected by dresses anyway, the awkwardness is in my lower back, I either have a very sticking out bum or a sway back ...... it is now my boobs :-( I tried a Medium and it fit everywhere but the chest I was sorta squished in, I tried a large and it gaped at the chest grrrrrrr so mum and I are going shopping to find something that fits it dosen't have to be fancy just something nicer than my work clothes at te end of the day

I'm getting tired of trying to sell the ute I should have just sold it while the boys bike was broken. this week I have a bloke who sent his brother to look at it and based on what his supposed expert brother said he offered me well below the value or the price I want then agreed to pay my minimum but complained about it being under finance, I told his brother that it was, and didn't trust me to pay the loan out X-( next time he rings I'll tell him I've had a better offer I really don't need tyo deal with people like that, especially when without looking at it someone has placed a bid on e-bay no questions for the minimum price that I will accept and there are 4 watchers I plan to pull ads from elsewere and see what happens

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jen said...

ohhh good luck with the sale of the ute.....and more so with finding a nice dress that looks good and covers the "sticking out" bits!!