Friday, September 28, 2007

a small dilema - I want a wheel chair

ok I'm going to get a little distracted - I smell devon, at least I think its devon, it could be butcher rissoles(yum) I have been smelling it all day wish I knew where it was and what it is

Now where was I yes thats right .... Gummibear's bridal shower is on tomorrow...... I looked up where her new house is (gummibear and her DF bought a house Yay!) its on the other side of the next suburb, I looked up 131500 the sydney public transport trip calculator, I can walk 200mtrs then catch 2 busses and walk another 900mtrs :'-( (note to any of the Blogger team out there - I want little yellow smilieys like some forums and email have) thus the wish for wheelchair or even crutches either would make my traveling easier, I can walk to the stop at the end of the street but not almost a Km, I also wish to go to the shop to get a book for gummibear which would mean a bus then shop then train then bus :-S thinking the last bus may be replaced by a taxi or the whole trip replaced by a lift from the boy on the back of his bike :-S I don't like that Idea much

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