Monday, May 28, 2007

bloody viruses

well it had to happen didn't it, it all started with a girl where calendar girl works, deciding it would be funny to sneeze on calender girl, and as much as we don't see her, she caught whatever it is that this girl had (guessing flu) which is obviously something that I have not been vaccinated against or at least not this year anyway (I did get a flu shot at work was unhappy that I missed out on the lolly pops)
so of course I caught it, on Thursday I was aching bones all over, on Friday night I was feeling pretty cruddy falling asleep all over the place, Saturday I woke up stuffed up and clogged in the throat (not happy) Saturday night, the boy was ready to throw me on the back of the bike and take me to the hospital, I decided a very steamy shower would help which it did then the boy made me eat a mandarin and coated my chest and back with chest rub (aka cheap Vick's) and cuddled me to sleep (he really can be sweet sometimes)
yesterday I woke up to a cup of lemsip and was very firmly told to stay in bed which I did other than to shoo the few visitors that dropped by (dad had to borrow the Ute ) and to have another steamy shower, the boy came home when I was in the shower to find the Ute gone, thinking that I had gone out and calendar girl was in the shower, he wasn't impressed until he realised I was still home, he got me some orange juice and insisted that I have a few glasses, I went back to bed and was woken for dinner(chunky spag boll), followed by another mandy and several glasses of juice and back to bed, he wouldn't Vick's me last night just handed me the jar and told me to put a little up each nostril to help me breathe(grr)

now normally I would have taken some night day cold and flu tablets and continued on as normal, and now I know why, I very rarely take any pain relievers or medication except in the case of flu and bad period pain there are some things that get better quicker without the symptoms hampering life, I went to the doc and got the next 2 days off work, I figured it would be just my luck that we would be working outside in the cold and I'd end up with pneumonia, now that would really suck

Oh well, I'm tired again, I have to take the clothes off the line before the dew sets in an then its back to bed for this little duck


jen said...

sheeeeeeeeeeez the flu is everywhere...hubby got a virus and not at all well....better not pass it on to time to be sick!!!

jen said...

ooopsie...meant to also say "get better real soon"