Friday, May 04, 2007

Trying not to sleep........

Is very hard when you are very tired.

So Why am I trying not to sleep well mostly because if I sleep now I wont sleep later and because I have to go and pick up the boy later hopefully he dosen't work too late tomorrow morning he wants to go to the sargents factory seconds sale ........ yep they have factory seconds in pies all of the ones that are missing some of the sargents badge or just aren't shaped right....... at 530 in the morning the sale dosen't start till 730 but mum and dads place is just around the corner from the factory and I know that the line up starts well before then.

Hoping not to offend anyone here but there are an awefull lot of minibusses loaded with islanders when we have gone past in the past, there is a limit to something like 3 boxes per person/family, I have heard some people give their kids the money and every member of the family gets the limit which is a bit sad because I can't imagine anyone needing 12+ cartons of pies considering the sale is on once a month no wonder there are so many very overweight people around.

Oh I should say the best thing about living near a pie factory is when you are riding to school to the smells of fresh baked pies comming down the street almost as good as driving past the arnots factory on the freeway when they are making chocolate Tiny Teddys or Iced vovos

I got the bits for the bike today went out earlier to fit the new coil at least ...............grrrr requires a security bit to remove the old one, oh well I put the ohm meter on both and compared the readings the old one is definatley on its way out so at least I didn't waste $300 now hopefully that will fix the problem for good and soon we will get the boy's bike back and I can convince him that it would be stupid to sell it after only 4 months and an extra $3000 on top of the purchase price he'd loose around $8000 which isn't play money any more the old bikes he would get to replace it will cost alot more time and money to keep running and thats providing they have been well looked after, modified for modern reliability and ridden regularly before he buys them, once we sort the bugs out on my bike and get his back they should stay reliable with very little time needing to be spent on them, perhaps one weekend a month at the most, Oh well we will see what happens.

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