Friday, May 18, 2007

oops I did it again

Ok so last time it wasn't me honest but this time it was, I caught the grill on fire stupid me made really healthy cheese and tomato on multi grain toast for breakfast then shut the grill and walked away, I looked up from my breakfast in front of the TV to see smoke "Oh shit" (I have been swearing a lot lately, gotta get out of that habit) ran into the kitchen to see flames coming out of the top of the stove Oh no I instantly though wet towel will put the flames out so I threw some in the sink then the boy came in ad yelled "Belinda that's a fat fire" he went out to the shed and grabbed the fire blankets and the extinguisher, the blankets did nothing so out with the extinguisher "is this alright for fat?", " I dunno whats in it?" then I saw the white stripe (powder good for almost every fire imaginable) "yep go for it" and I opened the grill shhhhhhhhh goes the extinguisher and everything goes black.
I went outside to get way from the smoke until the boy was yelling at me again to shut the smoke alarms up I got the one in the lounge room but the one in the hallway is way to high for me to reach and there was an awful lot of smoke up near the roof, not a healthy place for me to be so I left it.
I have spent all day scrubbing the stove and the oven and the bench tops and the floor I'm tired and hungry I SMS'd the boy to get me a kebab on the way home but he didn't check his phone so we have ordered Dominoes pizza for dinner, he said he's eaten too much today but might have a slice or two I haven't eaten since cheese on toast so I'll probably fit a whole one in

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jen said...

ohhhhhhhhh I hate those darn fire alarms!! I have the MOST sensitive one ever...and I have threathened to get rid of it's goes off for nothing, only have to open the oven door...grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh pizza, have forgotten the taste of that!!