Saturday, May 12, 2007

poor woofa

poor Champy has a nasty rash on his paws we took them to the vet today girly got her vaccine and champy got cortisone, antibiotics and mange injections, next week if the rash clears up he gets his vaccine

We didn't end up going to the pie sale last week and we didn't go to nans until Sunday, we had a nice lazy day.

Tomorrow is mothers day, I have decided that I will give mum a Pizza stone since I bought myself 2 and it is unlikely that we Will use both at the same time, I was going to get a pasta machine because her's is almost broken, I think I will get one while they are on sale and keep it for her birthday if I remember to give it to here that is

new plan is to try and plan some menus for the week, I bought myself some more rock 'n 'serves the big 800ml flat round ones I would like to make dinner and put it in those and freeze them so I can take them to work rather than spending so much money on either junk or lean cuisine type meals I also need to learn to cook more things I get bored with plain old meat and veggies
I want to be able to do mums fried rice and marinated chicken or fancy sounding pasta dishes that are really simple to make

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