Monday, June 04, 2007

and life goes on

well I'm over my Flu sorta, the boy seems to have caught it which for me is a good thing, when he is sick is the only time he slows down, and even comes to bed at a reasonable time yaay.

I had my first appointment with the midwife on friday, I feel really good about my choice, unfortunatley we didn't get to hear a heart beat (other than mine) but we should next time, I have to book in to the hostpital as well, so that they have my name, and any tests I need can be done through them. I have slightly high blood pressure which I had expected, mostly because its always slightly high and a little because mum had high blood pressure with me and still has but she said hers has always been much higher than mine is (80 over something or other), anyway, I'm back to a high protien diet, apparently I need 120 grams a day, 1 serve of meat or cheese has around 20 grams so I will be taking a trip to the health food shop tomorrow for some protien powder and calcium tablets, I also need to drink my 2 litres of water and eat cucumbers I'm going to get sick of cucumbers pretty quickly.

things I'd really like to have but can't

  • avacado and camenbert toasted sandwich

  • bailys on ice

  • short black russian (black russian minus the cola)

I have to go and tidy the bedroom now, calendar girl and I moved the tall boy into her room ( the cot will eventually live where the tall boy was) and all of the stuff out of it is all over the room

I am very pleased with this though, I bought the table off eBay for $60 it has a bath built in , the cot also cost $60 but its out in the shed being repainted, I'm sure you'll love the colour when you see it, the thing I am most happy about is that the storage shelves are just the right size to hold all 32 nappies and inserts they were spread over 3 drawers in my tall boy I bought th e nappies from bought them a few months ago, I was on a forum and asked what are good things to buy while you are just starting to try an where most people came back and said get yourself healthy don't worry about buying things atm, one very nice lady came out and said if you plan on using cloth nappies now is a good time to start accumulating them because they can be very expensive, she was right about that, the whole lot cost around $800, it took me 2 pays to get them all, but I'll never have to buy more, unless we had twins.

at the moment all is good, can't wait to get things rolling, I finally told mum, I SMSd her, how bad is that, they asked why I didn't tell them sooner, I reminded them that they kept saying that they don't want grandchildren thay said they were only saying that because they didn't want to pressure us, they didn't realise that they were actually pressuring us in the other direction. I think they didn't realise how much they said it until when dad was talking to my brother and he came straight out and said "I bet mum's pissed" amazing how much you say things you don't nessecerily mean.

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