Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm soo lazy

yep thats me, lazy as, there is so much to do and so little time and really I just couldn't be bothered doing anything

I should be walking the dogs everyday ------ I'm too tired, its too cold, its too wet, I'm sure I can find something more interesting to do

I should be eating better than what I am ------ It's so hard to decide what to cook, food goes off so quickly, I'm too tired I just want to grab something quick and easy

I should be keeping the house to some degree of tidy -------- there's so much to do and its so hard to decide where to start

that all makes me lazy,
this week I'm back on day shift I plan to get home grab the dogs and go for a walk then come home and spend 15 min either de cluttering/cleaning the spare room or putting away things aroundf the house, after that is to drag something out for dinner. On monday I might go through what we have in the freezer and do some sort of rough menu plan for the week buy any vegies that we need on the way home during the rest of the week, I also need to sit down and write some sort of budget, the boys bike is going to cost at least $2000, when we get it back, hopefully this week.

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