Thursday, June 28, 2007

food glorious food

well the rocket and olive mash with red wine steak is according to the boy "the best dinner I've had in a long time" so I am planning to create a box or a couple ofd envelopes, with the titles, type, pasta, chicken, meat, fish, international, I plan on doing roast on sundays and a fish meal on saturdays or vice versa , the type envelpoe will have the names of the othe r 5 envelopes in it, I will pull a name out for each day of the week on sunday which will help me decide what to cook for dinner in each of the other envelopes will be a few names of foods that are easy to cook before or after work in the international envelope apart from the obvious encheladas and chicken stirfry will be one that says something new thats when I go looking in my magazine or cook book for something different to make, at the moment everything is new untill I get 3 or 4 things to fit in each box

last night was a twist on mac and cheese which used gnocchi, chicken spinach beans and bacon, it's very tasty I am going to ask mum if I can cook it at dinner with pa next time I'm on dayshift, it serves 8 and its very filling but you could have it with salad too I'm liking this fresh cooking thing I'll have 4 serves of gnocchi cheese frozen thisafternoon ready for work dinners over the next week or so, I'm so glad I'm going back on afternoons for a couple of weeks

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