Wednesday, February 07, 2007

wow wednesday already

hmmm where did all of those days go........
I ordered a new part today because the boys mate also broke his trying to get it off, I'm thinking poor design there, plastic piece attached to a metal bit in a very hot location (the metal bit has hot oil running through it) the plastic bit seems to get very brittle, hopefully I will get this bit and the tool I have been waiting for on Friday, that would be all of my dreams come true, I'm seriously missing the beast thumping away under me (I would say between my legs but that could come out badly)

I have decide that this will be my last year in my motorcycle club, there are just too many boys involved which is sad because they do a lot for women's riding in Sydney...... where did I get this from, well I pulled up one of the boys for using the word constable in an inappropriate way(deliberate misspelling) and requesting that he not send so many about what the police do wrong to the yahoo group, and got a flood of emails all from men who basically told me to pull my head in, I will now be looking for girls motorcycle groups where while male partners may be accepted to come along on a few day rides for company, but they are not accepted as full members, there was a ride with a different group the boy went with me on until he felt that I was comfortable with these ladies, they all thought this was very sweet that he is protective and caring they had all been riding together for a few years so knew each other pretty well.

It's the boys birthday soon he has requested one of those shed work stools on wheels with the tray underneath for tools or some new T-shirts, singlets and "undies that fit" I'm hoping to find a stool and add a couple of T-shirts, a few singlets and a 7 pack of undies, its the only time he will let me pay for these sorts of things so I'd like to take the opportunity, he also hates birthdays, I get the feeling with his family not being all that well off these times were not all that pleasant. he is very angry that his parents didn't stop at two or three, I think someone wanted a girl who was #4, he views each sibling as more food that could have been in his mouth and fun that could have been in his life, remember he helped raise his siblings and started cooking for the family at 9 so I suppose he has a right to feel this way

I'm off to have a look at my wardrobe, my new clothes have recently highlighted the fact that I really have nothing that is fit to be seen in, most of my clothing is faded or stretched or bleached oddly, which is odd because I don't use bleach unless it went into a wash which required napisan for stain purposes, probably slipped in with my work clothes. anyway I need to sort out the stuff that I keep pulling out and deciding that its not appropriate and putting back, I shouldn't have so many clothes if I'm not going to wear them, my old lady trolley is starting to get full with all of the clothing I have recently decided I won't wear again

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sparklingmerlot said...

Your Boy sounds just gorgeous. And I wonder if the reaction of some of those blokes was jealousy/manhood threatened?

Cleaning out the wardrobe is a good move! ;)

By the way ... I love the sound of your job. And I envy you that you had the opportunity to follow such a career path. When I was your age (*pause* to readjust false teeth, search for short term memory and blow up tyre on walking frame!) the options for women were very limited: teaching, nursing, secretary or hairdressing. I remember discussing with mates at the time how cool it would be to be able to be a mechanic.

Thank goodness times have changed and thank goodness that there are people like you who are proving that females can do dirty, hands on work. The fact that you have the brains goes without saying!!!!!!