Friday, February 09, 2007

another not quite so interesting day

that's because I dozed all day, after getting up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck that is, I don't know why but some mornings I wake up barely able to move just like I've got a flu but without the coughing, sniffling and watery eyes, go back to bed and wake up again feeling much better.

yesterday or was that the day before I cleaned out the hanging rack of my wardrobe today, I finally reached the end of the washing pile and have a few more things to throw out or donate plus a heap of stuff that came out of the shelves and drawers, I found my old journal, I've only written about 20 pages in it most of it is about the boy and how I felt about him when we had only been together for a few months there is a big lump of time missing a while before and after I moved in with him the last two pages are only a few weeks after he lost his licence, he has this belief that mum was trying to pull us apart but the last two pages show a very different story, one line says...... "I wish I knew what to do and how to do it or even who to talk to, I feel more alone than ever"......... I am considering showing the boy these two pages but I think I'll just throw the whole thing out it make me too sad to have it around

I'm glad that stage in our life is over, even though his bike is off the road and he still can't take himself places (except by bicycle)he is a lot happier and much less stressed the drinking thing still needs work though

I got my part today, still waiting on the tool may need to write another letter to the parcel man last time the thing I was waiting for turned up very shortly after

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