Saturday, February 17, 2007

it works.........................

Shhhhhhh............................ I finally got sick of waiting for the stupid tool, and did a bit of a dodgey job, I cut a slot in the screw and then made a screwdriver short enough to fit in the space and after alot of miserable face pulling and groaning I got it to do what I wanted, and got the bike started YaaaaaaaaaaaaHooooooooo I took her for a quick trip around the Very big block which covers three or four suburbs :-D and got some fuel since the boy decided to mention that he had been stealing fuel out of my tank after I tried starting it the first time grrrrr last time I used her she was almost empty the plan was to over haul the carbys and go get some fuel in a few weeks at the most a month welll four months later she now has a full tank :-)

I also have a little confession, I have never liked to refer to food as carbs and protien because then you stop thinking human and looking at food as umm but you start thinking how many carbs are in that how much protien etc
The boy had a talk to me after watching me do well on WW only to put it all back on over Xmas, he suggested I try one of those Liquid Protien based diets so I looked at them and picked the Tony Ferguson one because
A) it is Low calorie rather than Very Low calorie
B) it is low carb not no carb but they have a higher amount than other such diets
I'm trying it out for a month I started on wednesday it's driving me mad I want a sandwich, I want a bowl of Weet-Bix grrrrrrrrrrr he is just starting to realise what he convinced me to do
he read the list of food to avoid, bread, peas, corn etc etc, Jeez what can you eat? he says, I reply shakes, diet jelly, meat and lots of vegies, and fruit. he brought me a beer to have with dinner tonight, which is very sweet but No Beer, unless its pure blonde or something similar. he tried c'mon it won hurt what you are doing, but it will and if I'm going to pay the money for it I'm going to do it right the only night/s I am going do otherwise are aunties party the boys b'day and my bros b'day that is if I last that long
if nothing else it will give me the kick start I need and get me motivated again

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