Monday, February 12, 2007

Dear sweet parcelman

I miss you, you haven't visited in a long time, perhaps I should have given you a jar of ginger bread like I gave gummibear but I didn't make enough.

I miss getting up in the morning to find a package on the doorstep or laying in bead and hearing DING-DONG because you either have a lot of parcels to give me or you want my autograph again then rushing around to find something to answer the door in.

Even a little red card would be nice but a parcel would be much better.

love Belinda

1 comment:

jen said...

ohhhhhhhh dear, I got a little red card in my mailbox today, I have a parcel to pick up
...posty really has got lost ehhhhhhhhh???

Hope yours comes soon....

Jen xx