Saturday, October 06, 2007

things to do places to go people to see - I don't wanna

Where do I start ... I suppose things to do is a good place,

first thing is the bathroom... its pretty gross..... I can manage to get the stuff off the bath and sink but there is stuff on the shower wall that just won't budgeI want a magic spray of some sort that will fix it with out me putting in too much effort

next will be the kitchen .... I have dishes to do, then the benches and the floor and the table

then there is the lounge room stuff everywhere grrrrr

I just couldn't be bothered

Tonight I am going to panthers with gummibears family her wedding is next week we are having dinner tonight

I have to call mum and find out if I can borrow her car next week and find out some addresses

I'm thinking it can wait till later I went to bed too early yesterday it has made me tired today I should go and put the washing away then I might think about a nap

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