Sunday, October 28, 2007

5 days to go

only 5 days till I finish work yaaaay
in 7 days I have a baby shower
5 weeks we might have a baby eek

I have started a new blog at wordpress I am thinking about moving this one over or I may just run with 2 seperate ones for a while. I'd like to have a blog that I don't mind family looking at I think this one has a little too much abrasive stuff for that I know I could clean it up a bit and then it would only be if they happen to go back through the archives that it would be a problem
so fresh slate it is theuy also allow passwording of individual posts which might come in handy

I'm off to find something to eat, the boy is snoozing on the lounge and won't get up so I'm thinking coco pops for dinner

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